hello. i'm aaron garcha.

this is my portfolio.

CV Email

who am I?

I am a technical designer that started out in the modding community at a young age and paved my way into the games industry through my many personal projects.

Along the way I've earned a vast skillset in many areas of games development and have a strong interest in understanding and gaining experience in every aspect of developing games.

If you're looking for someone with a keen eye and a strong technical understanding of what makes games tick contact me via email or LinkedIn.

what do I know?

  • Level/Game Design
  • Unity Development
  • User Interface Design
  • C#/C++
  • Gameplay Scripting
  • Web Development
  • Photoshop


Fight through a dilapidated shipping yard in this decaying and unkempt 12-player defusal map for Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

Block N Load

UI Design / Programming

In a short 2 month period before the relaunch of Block n Load, I was tasked with the goal of giving the UI a more contemporary design and feel.


Winner of the CTFPLR contest, Nightfall is a 3-stage map designed for the Payload Race gamemode of Team Fortress 2.


ue4 blueprints

A collection of UE4 Blueprints consisting of various gameplay mechanics that can be combined to prototype multiplayer game modes.

KOTH Highpass

Level Design

A Team Fortress 2 KoTH map built in collaboration with another member of the mapping community.


level design

My entry into the TF2Maps 'Competitive CTF' contest, Converge is a CTF map where a single flag at the center of the map is fought over and must be delivered deep inside the enemy's base in order to damage and destroy a computer mainframe.


level design

An arena/king of the hill map for Team Fortress 2 set on a remote island with a lighthouse serving as both the central focal point and the middle capture point.


environment art

A small scene built for the UDK, intended to brush up my skills in Max and Photoshop and to get used to the workflow involved in working with the UDK.